Time Lapse – The Journey continues

IMG_2501Ive been continuing to experiment with Time Lapse since my first play around in the garden using Triggertrap for IOS. I wanted something a bit more visually interesting so took the equipment with me on two recent trips to Devon and my favourite place in the world, Croyde Bay.

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Time Lapse with Triggertrap for IOS

IMG_2403A few months ago I came across Triggertrap for IOS and was instantly drawn in by the potential for what this app could do. Im not here to promote it and shout about its features, instead I wanted to share some Time Lapse experimentation ive been doing using the app.

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Foxes in daylight…

Fox in the Garden - Jan 2013-24I happened to have my camera in the right place at the right time this morning as I got a rare opportunity to catch a couple of foxes running around my garden. They didnt know I was watching and these are the shots I got.

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Upgrade! It was about time I got a new body…

60D_rear_lcd_1000Ive had my Canon 450d for 3 years now and as good a camera as it has been, I have to admit I had become frustrated and wanted to do more. So with some careful consideration I decided to take the plunge and upgrade.

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Assassins Creed 3 – Connor

My first choice in this new set of blogs on my nerdy toy collection is Connor from Assasins Creed 3. It also happens to be my newest addition. Have a look at some of the shots I took and see what you think of him.

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Intro to my Nerdy Collection

Nothing particularly interesting in this post I’m afraid, its simply a placeholder to explain what I intend to post here over time.

I am a bit of a geek when it comes to movies, cartoons I loved as a kid and gaming across the generations. As a result I have invested a fair amount of money into what others often to refer to as kids toys. Although anyone who enjoys them like I do will tell you “THEY AREN’T KIDS TOYS!!!” …. anyway with that out of the way let me explain what I plan to do here.

I am going to use this as an excuse to use my home studio equipment and I’m going to take pictures of my various toys over time and post them here. I will do several angles and then briefly discuss the item, how much I rate it and also provide a rough cost and where I can remember I will say where I purchased it. Sometimes and certainly in the initial few posts I may not remember as I will be going over some older items in my collection too.

I dont expect this to be a popular read but for fellow nerds you may enjoy it. I should also state that I’m not a collector and these items are not kept mint in boxes or anything like that. I bought them to look at and enjoy therefore the packaging had to go. Sorry to those serious collectors who are gasping in horror!