Making Slimer for Halloween

The source of inspiration...

A friend of mine is doing a drum cover of the Ghostbusters theme tune. He asked me to help him come with ideas to dress the room and add some Haloween spirit to the video. Now this is low budget stuff so I said how about I make a cut out of Slimer from the Ghostbusters. He is a ghost and relevant to the music as well. AJ loved the idea and so I set about thinking how I may do this. 
First things first I found a suitable picture from the internet. Good old google image search. The one I chose to re-create was the one above. I wanted it to be cartoony so chose an image from the old Ghostbusters cartoon I enjoyed as a child. I then had to think about what I was going to use to make it. In true Art Attack style I went for Corrugated cardboard and Acryclic paints.
I should at this point mention that I haven’t done any proper “art” for many years, since I was at school probably so this was drawing on some old skills. I have also never knowingly used Acrylics so a new medium to play with. I went along to my local Hobbycraft and picked up a large tube of leaf green paint and a starter set of other basic colours to mix for the additional detail.
I then set about preparing my canvas. I used an old box I used to move house a few weeks ago and roughed out a sketch of Slimer. As you can see from the picture below I was scaling up a bit!

The initial Sketch

I then used a knife to cut him out so I could begin priming him.

Cutout and lines defined

I then used a permanent marker to draw in the lines of my final drawing so that I would see them under the white primer. Then came my first issue. The can I thought was white primer was actually clear lacker which I found out just as i started spraying. Fortunately I quickly realised and stopped what I was doing. I decided that I would go on without primer as I had none. Instead I painted directly onto the card. I did the first layer of green and then left it to dry overnight.

Green complete

With the green complete I then mixed up a dark pinkish/purple colour to use for the inside of his mouth. I set about filling that in carefully and then added more brown to my mixture to add some depth to the mouth and blended this in.
With the mouth complete and dry I then mixed up my light pink for the tongue and gums. I also did an orange for his eyes and applied both.

Eyes and Tongue done

With just the eyes and teeth to fill before final outline I set about doing two layers of white on the teeth to ensure pearly whiteness.

Pearly whites in

Now came the scary part which was to fill in the eyes and black in all of the lines for detail. I carefully went around all of the edges and Slimer came together. With a final dot of white to add a glint to his eyes the final Slimer was done.

Finished Article

I really enjoyed dabbling with paints again and will definitely be doing more. Im thinking maybe a giant Mario next.
The finished Slimer will be featuring in AJ Bennetts upcoming drum cover which we hope will be posted next weekend. So keep an eye out. You can check out AJ’s blog at
Feel free to comment, feedback is always welcome.

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