Deep Purple at the LG Arena

I had the opportunity to take some pictures again at the LG following a few months absence. This time around another rock band from yesteryear, Deep Purple, supported by Cheap Trick.

It had been a while since my last shoot and I was excited when told about the chance to get involved again. It was good for two reasons. The first was the absence of a few months between the last gig and this. So the chance to get going again was welcomed. The second was the chance to use my new Sigma 17-70mm lens which I recently purchased to replace my Canon kit lens.

The evening was eventful, I showed up at 7pm in order to pick up my press pass ready to warm up with some shots of Cheap Trick, Deep Purples support act. Unfortunately the press passes had run out and although on the list I had to wait for new passes to be brought to the Ticket Office. I patiently waited with a few other photographers in the same position. As 7:30 got ever closer (Cheap Tricks start time) I got more and more nervous. Im using a new lens, I haven’t done this for a while and I need to test my settings and get ready for the real deal.

I regularly checked in with the Ticket Office as I awaited the pass and they were helpful but it was ultimately out of their control. Just as I accepted the fact that I would miss the chance to warm up my pass appeared! I grabbed it in hand and sprinted the length of the LG Forum Live and Arena Bowl to reach the pit. I arrived 1 and a half tracks into the 3 tracks allowed and threw my bag to the floor and started snapping. Quickly cycled through various settings testing the new lens and by the end of the shorter than normal warm up I felt ready.

I had taken my ISO down from 1600 on my kit lens to a much better 400. I also decided to switch from AV to TV and set a shutter speed of 1/60. This seemed to give me the best results. I had also heard that Deep Purple would be well lit so I knew I could afford to take this risk.

Then came the time, 9pm and I rocked on up for the 3 tracks of Deep Purple supported by their Orchestra! This was new for me and a great musical experience. I set about snapping my way through the 3 song allocation, dodging fellow snappers all the time. I took over 500 shots in the 3 songs which was twice as many as I took during my work on Journeys gig.

I got home and sifted the pictures deleting around 100 just bad pictures. Then from the remaining 400 or so I selected 40 pictures i was most pleased with. Tweaked them a little in Lightroom and then uploaded them to my Flickr page. I have posted a few low quality images below, if you want to see the full set then please follow the link on my blog to my Flickr page.

All in all a great night. Some brilliant music and a chance to play with my new lens. So far I’m very happy with the Sigma. I plan to write a little review once I have had more time to play. Im second shooting on a wedding on the 10th December so hopefully I will get a chance to play with it some more then.

For now thats it, enjoy the shots and please feel free to leave me some comments or feedback, good or bad.


2 thoughts on “Deep Purple at the LG Arena

  1. How did you even get as far as a press pass thats the question i keep asking myself i just cant seem to get my hands on one.

    • Unfortunately where the press pass is concerned I have a slightly unfair advantage. I work for the NEC Group and we own and run the NIA and LG Arena so I provide back up to our main event photographer.

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