About gricey2000

I am a qualified Technical Trainer and keen Photographer/Videographer. At the moment its all amateur or for small token fees. One day who knows. I enjoy films, comics, a bit of gaming, reading and most outdoor activities.

Absent for a while, back soon!

i-will-be-right-backI thought I would write a short post to discuss my absence from this blog for nearly a year now. It has been a crazy 12 months and life has just gotten in the way recently. I haven’t done as much as I would like and my creative efforts have been channelled elsewhere recently. There is no new work here, just a brief account of the last 12 months for me.

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Marryoke – A first attempt, feedback welcome!

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 23.07.22I had the privilege of shooting my first Marryoke as I continue learning more about Videography. I filmed this at a friends wedding just this weekend. It was a great day, and a brilliant opportunity to create something special for the happy couple.

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Time Lapse – The Journey continues

IMG_2501Ive been continuing to experiment with Time Lapse since my first play around in the garden using Triggertrap for IOS. I wanted something a bit more visually interesting so took the equipment with me on two recent trips to Devon and my favourite place in the world, Croyde Bay.

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Time Lapse with Triggertrap for IOS

IMG_2403A few months ago I came across Triggertrap for IOS and was instantly drawn in by the potential for what this app could do. Im not here to promote it and shout about its features, instead I wanted to share some Time Lapse experimentation ive been doing using the app.

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Foxes in daylight…

Fox in the Garden - Jan 2013-24I happened to have my camera in the right place at the right time this morning as I got a rare opportunity to catch a couple of foxes running around my garden. They didnt know I was watching and these are the shots I got.

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Upgrade! It was about time I got a new body…

60D_rear_lcd_1000Ive had my Canon 450d for 3 years now and as good a camera as it has been, I have to admit I had become frustrated and wanted to do more. So with some careful consideration I decided to take the plunge and upgrade.

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